What are they?

Our rituals will transport you to a state of complete relaxation, combining different manual massage techniques, with tools of natural origin, first cold pressure oils, essential oils and products of high botanical concentration.

Enjoy our sensory experiences where the five senses receive information to restore your physical and emotional health.

Relaxation Ritual

Our relaxation ritual consists of a complete relaxing massage from head to toe with foot reflexology, to revitalise the body and calm the mind.

Renewal Ritual

Facial Treatment according to your needs combined with Reducing body treatment. It acts on the metabolism allowing the elimination of fats and the generation of adipose cells, it produces an important purification of toxins. The figure is slimmed and reaffirmed.

Antiaging Facial Ritual

Facial Treatments Antiaging plus and eyelash treatment, ideal to improve your natural beauty and look brilliant at your next social event.

Spring Ritual

Manicure and pedicure with enamel of your choice. Ensures the nourishment of hands, elbows, forearms, feet and legs. Revitalises nails and gives to the skin the nourishment, shine, hydration and softness it needs.

Tired Legs Ritual

Treatments for tired legs with pedicure and reflexology. Reactivates your circulatory and lymphatic system with anti-inflammatory action, as well as restoring your energy.

Autumn Ritual

Complete body scrub and deep hydration with relaxing or sports massage. Restore your skin’s natural balance with complete cell renewal and deep nourishment.

Detox Ritual

Combination of the Autumn Ritual with Detox Facial Treatment. Powerful combinations of organic active ingredients with antioxidant action. Provides vitality, elasticity and radiance, as well as balancing the skin’s natural barrier.

"Our Rituals can be combined or adapted to your tastes. They last from two to four hours, depending on your needs."


Phone: 696 89 35 38

Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.


Phone: +34 696 89 35 38

Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.