What is Ritual?

Ritual are facial and body treatments carried out by therapeutic professionals. 

They provide luminosity, hydration and regeneration at a cellular level thanks to low molecular weight botanical active ingredients and natural ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics

Products that respect your skin and the environment. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients without alcohol or parabens.

We enhance our therapies with natural brushes and minerals such as hematite and quartz to balance our vital energy
Integrative remedies are used to achieve an inner balance.

" The ritual is a complete sensory experience where emotional and physical health are addressed "



Detox Treatment

It deeply purifies by removing synthetic residues and acts on the regulators of sebaceous secretion, perspiration and scarring. The skin looks purer, cleaner and without shine.

Sensitive Treatment

For reactive skin, it regulates temperature, soothes, moisturises, stimulates healing and its original protection. Ideal for skin with redness or couperose.

Enlightening Treatment

Specific for sallow skin or skin blemishes. Acts on pigmentation disorders. Provides a powerful antioxidant action, respecting the skin’s natural barrier, reducing melanin production and restoring skin tone and radiance.

Antiaging Treatment

Rebuilds the original fibres of the skin, provides great vitality and energy, firming and slowing down skin ageing, reducing expression lines, increasing its luminosity and toning.

Male Treatment

Protects, moisturises, repairs and prevents irritation during the shaving process, providing suppleness, smoothness and firmness to the skin.

Antiaging Plus Treatment

Powerful facial treatment specifically for recovering devitalised skin. It brings light and slows down skin ageing, and significantly boosts cell regeneration. This treatment is recommended to prepare the skin before an event.



Reducing Treatment

Powerful purifying and reducing treatment with cellular action. Stylises and firms your figure, visibly reducing cellulite and recovering its natural texture. It reduces inflammation in the body, promotes circulation, improves the functioning of the immune system and reduces stress.

Tired Legs Treatment

Promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage, purification of toxins, calms and relieves heaviness and pain in the legs. It reduces discomfort caused by varicose veins, improves the appearance and texture of the skin. A revitalising session that will free your legs.


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Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.


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Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.