Enjoy your favourite service in the comfort of your own home

The main benefit of a home service is to enjoy all our treatments, rituals or massages in your home, hotel or rural accommodation. This will provide you a total privacy.

The home service is a perfect service for everyone, those who do not want to expose themselves to cov 19 or especially for people with reduced mobility. In addition, with home service we can complete our holiday getaway when the hotel or accommodation does not have a spa centre where this service is offered.

With qualified professional therapists

When you contract your service, you will see that the therapists and massage therapist who will come to your home are highly qualified professionals with experience in the sector and will advise you on the service that best suits you.

A wide range of services to choose from

All our services and cabin treatments can be carried out at your home (Except heavy equipment).

In addition to the treatments, we also offer Spa Rituals, sensory and therapeutic experiences. They consist of facial and body treatments with different massage techniques, depending on your needs and tastes.

For example if you are looking for relaxation, you can enjoy a pleasant Wellness Ritual, or perhaps if you need to prepare your skin for an event you would like a Beauty Ritual. But if what you need is to get your body ready, you can resort to an Autumn Ritual, reducing treatment or a sports massage… and all from the safety of your home and with the exclusive products.

All the necessary equipment to offer you the best service

Our professionals will come to your home fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the service. We manage to create a unique and special atmosphere to make it an exclusive and sensory experience.

All you have to worry about is turning off your mobile phone and we will take care of the rest.

Perfect for groups or companies

A massage is perfect for releasing accumulated tension, relieving stress and improving our physical well-being, thereby increasing our work productivity.

This, together with the fact that it is a service that can be offered anywhere, makes it a very attractive gift for employees.

Complete your holiday stay

Many hotels or rural lodgings do not have spa or massage services, so you can complete it with your home service and live a different experience.

After a day of hiking, there is nothing better than a good massage from head to toe in a peaceful environment.

Perfect gift to be the best host

Do you have guests and want to surprise them with the best possible attention? Do you want to complete your honeymoon? Make their stay complete by offering them a professional massage at home, they will certainly thank you for it.

What are you waiting for to relax and enjoy from the comfort of your home?

Easy to Book

You can hire your service directly, comfortably and securely by email, whatsapp or the contact form on our website.


Phone: 696 89 35 38

Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.


Phone: +34 696 89 35 38

Opening hours

WE ADAPT OUR OPENING HOURS. Contact us and let us know what timetable you need.